Eclipse paddle sweep grain bin unload
Zero entry paddle sweep for unloading grain bins. 45 degree paddle orientation allows for better clean out into sump. The ECLIPSE is designed to be FULLY SUBMERSED IN GRAIN and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.
  • Manufactured for 72' to 105' grain bins.
  • 12,000 bushel per hour maximum capacity.
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Run a sweep unload with your tablet
Using Your Smart Phone Or Tablet!
The AMBIT controller allows you to start, stop and change the gear ratio of the ECLIPSE paddle sweep with your phone or tablet. Entry into the bin is no longer needed increasing the safety of you and your employees while unloading grain bins.


Eclipse grain bin paddle sweep
Paddle chain, motor & gearboxes.
No jacks or supports.
Paddle orientation allows for better clean out into the sump.
Zero entry grain bin sweep
Tractor drives are separate from paddle chain. Able to run paddle chain without driving the sweep forward.

This is beneficial at startup allowing the sweep to unbury itself before engaging tractor drives.
Monitor unload operations
The AMBIT controls & monitors sweep activity in the bin while you are safely outside. 

Motor/gearbox is not positioned within the grain path of the sump, thus eliminating the possibility that these components will bend and break.

We work through a dealer network to distribute our sweep products.  
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