Corlim45 paddle sweep grain bin unload
Zero entry grain sweep controlled from your laptop or smartphone with an array of new mechanical and electrical technologies. Features 45 degree paddles. Designed to be FULLY SUBMERSED IN GRAIN the sweep can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.
  • Manufactured for 72' to 156' grain bins.
  • 12,500 bushel per hour maximum capacity.
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Run grain bin unload with a smartphone
Using Your Smart Phone Or Tablet!
The AMBIT controller allows you to start, stop and change the gear ratio of the CORLIM45 paddle sweep with your phone or tablet. Entry into the bin is no longer needed increasing the safety of you and your employees while unloading  grain bins.

CORLIM45 Flyer

Corlim45 sweep first pass
An industry-leading dual pass single arm grain sweep design allows the end user to unload their grain bin in a safer and more efficient manner. 

 This is accomplished by first removing the inside half cone of grain with the inner section of the sweep
Corlim45 sweep second pass
The CORLIM45 then repositions itself automatically parallel to the outer section of grain sweep for a final pass to clear the grain bin. Removing the commodity from the grain bin with this two pass operation is not only a more efficient way of unloading, it also reduces the stress and fatigue on the grain bin, extending the life span of the structure.

Ambit monitors sweep activity inside bin
With the CORLIM45 you have the ability run your grain sweep remotely, or from your smartphone using our remote/mobile communication system that is integrated 
with our on board sensor logic system. Providing communication with your grain sweep without being in the grain bin, truly a zero entry system!

We work through a dealer network to distribute our sweep products.  
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