Daay Power Sweep
NEW BIN SWEEP! The Interceptor sweep is designed for bins with no existing power or screw conveyor unload available on site.
  • Manufactured for 15' to 60' grain bins.
  • 5,500 bushel per hour. 
  • Single or multiple pass. Starter panel included!
  • Drive is driven by paddle chain. No additional power is needed!
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Interceptor Paddle Sweep Benefits
  • Heavy duty paddle chain & explosion proof motor.
  • Rubber drag helps clean the floor for minimal sweeping.
  • Designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.
  • The drive wheel is closer to the center of gravity, so the weight of the sweep is transferred to the tire better, eliminating the need for a weight bracket.
  • Moves grain gently and evenly to sump.
  • Does not plug or stall when overrunning the sweep.
  • The tire is designed to slip to keep the sweep from climbing the pile. 

  • LESS MOTOR/STARTER BOX OPTION: The Interceptor can be ordered less motor and starter box.  Ask your sweep representative for more details.

We want to make sure your Interceptor Paddle Sweep is in a bin environment that will protect it. Please contact us for additional information or if you have questions pertaining to the following specifications.

In 15' to 48' Corrugated Farm Bins, the max eave height is 40'.
In 54' and 60' Corrugated Farm Bins, the max eave height is 35'.

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