Daay Bin Paddle Sweep
Safe solution for unloading farm and commercial grain bins.
  • Manufactured for 15' to 105' grain bins.
  • 5,500 bushel per hour maximum capacity.
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"...we no longer worry about breakdowns and costly repairs"

"I have been in the grain industry for 27 years. I have never had a sweep that meets our needs like the Daay Paddle Sweep. It moves the grain in a very gentle and efficient manner. The Daay Sweep design, I feel, is the safest sweep on the market.

We love the sweep because of the ease of use, our employees have minimal entry into the bin and we have very little clean up when the bin is empty. Since we purchased the Daay Sweep it has allowed our company to empty larger bins more often. We no longer worry about breakdowns and costly repairs. Our employees are very pleased and look forward to us installing them in every bin." 

Scott Foushee, Pointsett Rice and Grain, Jonesboro, AR

Strong ten guage housing material
Designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche. The sweep is engineered to the most current specifications in the industry. 

There are has no dangerous augers to worry about and simply moves the grain with flexible rubber paddles. 

Explosion proof, all-weather quick change motors and tractor tread tires are among some of the features.
Safely unload a grain bin
Non jack system allows for minimal entry once Daay Bin Paddle Sweep has been started.  Lower input power requirement compared to other sweeps.

The tires are designed to slip to keep the sweep from climbing the pile. This allows the sweep to clean very close to the floor.

Drive tire size: 13 x 5.00-6 super lug. Tractors for 90’ and 105’ Bins come with slip clutch. Foam filled tires on all sweeps is standard.
Designed to be fully submersed in grain
Designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.

Housing is made out of 10 gauge material.
Moves grain gently and evenly to sump.

Explosion proof motor.
Adjustable chain and motor mounts.

200 lbs weights are standard on each tractor. Three phase power source is standard.

Paddle Sweep Testimonials

"...economical way to meet OSHA guidelines"

"It took a lot of convincing for me to take that first step and buy a Daay Bin Paddle Sweep and I'm glad I did. We were looking for an economical way to meet OSHA guidelines, especially in our small bins, and there just wasn't anything out there.

Three years ago this was an unsolvable problem. Now, it is solved. We are even considering the Daay Bin Paddle Sweeps for our flat storage buildings." 

Gordy Lange,  Ag Valley Cooperatives,  Edison, NE
"...our employees love them"

"After we tried our first one, I was a believer. We've purchased about a dozen since then and spread them throughout our locations. 

Our employees love them and they've made their jobs much easier. 

They are very safe to work around which is our #1 priority, work well with any commodity, and save our co-op members money on capital improvements."

Dan M.,  York, NE

"...a much more efficient method of cleaning"

"We have found using the Daay Bin Paddle Sweep to be a much more efficient method of cleaning our bins versus our previous practice of using a grain vac. We use our paddle sweeps in 56 different bins multiple times a year. Our testing has shown better seed quality by using the Daay Sweep. 

Our employees have embraced it because it makes their job easier and safer. The safety and well-being of our employees is our number one priority".

 Scott, Monsanto Corporation
"...easier, faster, and safer"

"We were very impressed with how the sweeps performed in our hybrid rice. They required virtually no help to keep feeding, making emptying our bins much easier, faster, and safer than with our old auger-type sweeps."

Darrell, St. Joseph, LA

"After we installed our first Daay Bin Paddle Sweep, my guys said if I didn't put Daay Sweeps in the rest of our bins they would quit."

Roger, Kenton, TN

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